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Chris Morgan

Healing and sport massage
I do not see or hear spirit. I have been told by numerous reliable mediums that I have 13 working with me when I do healing.

They are: Dr Chang. Harry Edwards, Ramus Branch, Father Murphy, Sioux Indian medicine woman, a Comanche chief, Mohican Indian who runs around brandishing a tomahawk, a Maasai warrior who is more than 7ft tall, wears a red robe and carries a huge shield and spear; Divine Androgynous, two Pleiadians, three angels and Sarah, Nicola Farmer’s sister who passed to spirit when she was eight.

I have found it difficult to absorb what is going on around me. So when Harry Edwards came through for me during a séance run by Nicola Farmer on July 27, 2018, I had a host of questions but, I was so overwhelmed, I could hardly think of any.

The conversation, with Vicky Leach taking notes, went like this:

Me: Can you please confirm that I have 13 Spirit working with me?

Harry Edwards: “No.”

Nicola Farmer: Is it more than 13?

Harry Edwards: “Yes.”

Nicola Farmer: How many more?

Harry Edwards: “Lots.”

Another part of the seance went like this:

Nicola Farmer: How many healers do you (Harry Edwards) work with?

Harry Edwards: “Every one.”

Nicola Farmer: How many know that you work with them?

Harry Edwards: “Few.”

Nicola Farmer: How is my naughty sister?

Cup goes crazy.

Nicola Farmer: Still wild?

Harry Edwards: “Yes.”

Nicola Farmer: Sarah works with you?

Harry Edwards: “Chris. Good at all healing.”

Me: Do you know the roles of other Spirit working with me?

Harry Edwards: “No.”

Me: Do they have specific jobs?

Harry Edwards: “No.”

Nicola Farmer: Does Chris need to know what role each plays in healing?

Harry Edwards: “No.”

Nicola Farmer: Can he use them for any condition?

Harry Edwards: “Yes.”

Nicola Farmer: Does Chris work solely in consciousness?

Harry Edwards: “Yes.”

Nicola Farmer: Can he work one-to-one?

Harry Edwards: “Yes. He is love. Bye.”

HARRY EDWARDS began working with me in March, 2014. On August 19, 2017, he and I appeared before Nicola Farmer at her home. This is Nicola’s email describing the event:

Hi Chris. So this what happened: Harry was with me in my conservatory. Then an image of you appeared in front of me and Harry took your hands, turned them over and bright white light poured out of them. Then you split into two and behind the images was another one of you that was black. Then Harry said: “This is the Order of the Phoenix.” Then you all disappeared.


I am indebted to many people for their help, advice, guidance, encouragement and criticism during my journey. In no particular order, they are (Essex unless stated):

Nicola Farmer, Dr Ken West (the universe). Trudy Pats, Jean Miley, Julia Massey, Donna Allsopp, Amanda McGregor, Vicky Leach, John Martin Shaw, Helen Carnell, Sandy Wilkinson, Cheryl Sheff, Mark Hall, Tania Ellis, Lynda Whitbread, Oana Norbely, Karen and Graham Boath, Eleanor September.

Elizabeth Chalkley, Denise Osborn, Charlie Rees-Brown, Hilary Camp, Bev Heintze, Mary Bannister, Margaret Johannessen, Grev Phillips, Clare Rich, Angela Andrade, Clair Thomas, Joy Metcalfe (San Francisco, California), Siobhan Purcell, Anne Wilson.

Peggy Weber, Patricia Cockerill, Caroline Peters, Sue Stainer, Karen Fox, Anne Heeffey (Cork, Republic of Ireland), Helen and Pete Copsey, Lynn Hedges-Geest, Rachel Astbury, Del Woods, Julie Giles, Dave Brown.

Daphne Cox, Louise Wiseman, Mike & Pamela Smith and Peter, Sue Jones (Anglesey, North Wales), Gary Mannion, Sheri Everett, Sharon McGee, Lynn Culley, Nicola Saville, Marion Roberts, the Rev Leslie Wells (1940 – 2017).

Adrienn Ferencz, Beata Vallova, Bruce Clifton, Sonia Parker, Colin and Sue Abbott, Julie Scrafton, Janet Reed, Gill Moss, Glenda Eaton, Kathy Compton, Enzo Genuardi. Ray Edwina Brown (psychic artist)

In case I have forgotten anyone, my thanks also go to everyone who attends Ascending Wisdom Academy classes, Mary Magdalene and Magi healing group, Magik healing group, Advanced Energy group, Chelmsford Spiritualist Society, Mary Bannister’s Healing Development class, Remus Memorial Horse Sanctuary healers, St Francis Hospice and Healing Hearts at Bulphan.

Last but not least: My Spirit guides.
Personal Statement

My experience includes:

Being in the official Olympic Games medical team as sports massage practitioner at London 2012.

Working for Premiership and Championship football clubs, massage and healing with the general public and stars of TV, film and sport since 2001 (ongoing).

Spending six years as resident sports massage therapist at Dragons Health Club/LA Fitness at Warley, Brentwood.

Working for Children With Cancer UK at their sports events, including the London Marathon every year since 2002 (ongoing).

Reiki and massage at St Francis Hospice, Havering-atte-Bowe, Romford (ongoing).

Healing at Remus Memorial Horse Sanctuary, Little Farm, Buttsbury, Ingatestone, Essex, on 200 rescued horses, donkeys, goats, cows, sheep and cats (ongoing).

Mary Magdalene and Magi healing group (ongoing).

Magik healing group (ongoing).

Healing development at Chelmsford Spiritualist Church (ongoing).

Own therapy business with private clientele since 2001 (ongoing).

St Francis Hospice OrangeLine helpline (ongoing).

Palliative care work with cancer support group at Upminster Healing and Teaching Sanctuary, Pea Lane, Upminster.

Services / Qualifications

Services offered:


Rahanni Celestial healing

Spiritual healing

Vagus Nerve Rejuvenation

Sports massage and stretch


Indian head massage



Reiki master-teacher (Usui) 2009

Rahanni Celestial healing (Carol Anne Stacey) 2016

Vagus Nerve Rejuvenation practitioner

Advanced diploma in sports massage and stretch (Active Associates) 2001

DBS checked (current)

WRU rugby union coach (level 2) 2009

FA football coach (level 1) 2008

ECB cricket coach (level 1) 2008

ECB cricket umpire (level 1) 2009

Emergency first aid (Red Cross) 2008


Brentwood, Essex
Phone Number
07974 749881
Email Address

“He who knows all the answers has not been asked all the questions.” — Confucius.

“It is okay to be different.” — Nicola Farmer after I had seen green chickens in a meditation.

“Tottenham 0, West Ham 4” — BBC Radio Five Live presenter reading the football results, 1981.