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Christal Spraggon

Crystal Expert

I live in Essex, with my husband. I started my crystalline journey when I was a child, collecting crystals and stones on the beach. For eleven years I worked with Special Needs Children, working with these children that were gifted in many ways taught me how to look below the surface.  In 2008 I began my business Christal Gems.

I work from home, offering a safe space to spend time and get to know the energies of the crystals, for some people it is an instant recognition of the crystal they need. For others,  time to consider, not feel rushed, time to talk about where they are in their life is so important.

Each of us is unique, like the crystals themselves, each has a different energy and story.

Personal Statement

Crystals are gifts from Mother Earth, one of her many offerings to us. These carefully crafted tools are released from her to aid us in empowering ourselves. As our path in this lifetime unfolds and we learn more about ourselves, and the connections we forge, crystal beings are there to aid us, to open and protect us as we move forward. We ourselves are the answer to what we seek, crystals are tools, along with other forms of  healing modalities, that may aid us.

If you feel drawn to crystals and want to learn more, then take the next step, the door is open.

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Crystal Healing

Chakra Clearing



Currently studying Cognative Behaviour Therapy (CBT)

South Woodham Ferrers, Essex, UK
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+44 1245 323132 or +44 7443568400
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Nothing can dim the light that comes from within.