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Lynn and Sharon are Reiki and Spiritual Healing Practitioners who qualified in 2001.  Since 2016 they have been volunteering with The Essex Healers’ Association in Laindon, Essex.  Both Lynn and Sharon started their Reiki journey in Hong Kong in 1997.  Both have discovered since there is a synergy between Reiki and Reflexology and will be offering it to clients in the near future.  Reiki and Reflexology can be offered as separate treatments or combined giving clients a real “ME” time.

Personal Statement

Reiki means “Universal Life Energy” and is a unique system of energy healing.

  • “Rei” means Universal Consciousness, Spirit, The Hidden Source
  • “Ki” means Life Energy, Life Force

Reiki helps to reduce stress and helps to promote healing.  It is given by the “laying on hands” in a light, non-invasive way to a fully clothed client who can either lie on a treatment couch or sit comfortably supported in a chair.  The practitioner’s hands are placed and held on a series of locations and are never intrusive or inappropriate.  The hands can be held just off the body if needed.

Reflexology is a holistic treatment based on the principal that there are points and areas on the feet, hands and faces that map via the nervous system to corresponding parts of the body.  When pressure is applied this stimulates the movement of energy along the nerve channels and helps to restore balance to the whole body.  It is a natural, safe and deeply relaxing experience.



Services / Qualifications

Reiki I, II & Master Level

Spiritual Healers

C&G Level 3 Reflexology (coming soon)

Langdon Hills
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“A healer in not someone that you go to for healing.

A healer is someone that triggers within you,

Your own ability to heal yourself”.